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Every Thursday,11am to 12:30 pm ,"Pacific Daylight Time" (California time) of Every Month. The "Mass Healing" Thursday Date will be the upcoming Thursday when you make Payment. You will receive in your Email a "Zoom Link" with Thursday Date and Time when Payment is received.

We Heal the
"Incurables" ...

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Chinese Proverb: Living , a man knows not his Soul; dead , he knows not his corpse .

This is time tested, as he offers the "Supernatural Healing Energy" to "Heal the Incurables" on a Mass Scale thru the Online Live Video.We will work on "Flu Symptoms" and "Covid19". All Illness will be addressed. No need to tell Master Toledo your Issues. Spirit knows and will Focus on your Illness. If God wants you Healed, you will be in his Hands using Master Toledo as his Tool. Had enough of the Medical Fields CT Scan, MRI, Blood work, all kinds of Medicine that just don't make you feel better? The Doctors give up on you and Pills are the only solution they have to offer?"Supernatural Healing Energy" overrides "Natural Energy" is composed of Illness. It is that Simple. We will change your Cells back to its Healthy State with the Highest Vibration of God. My Specialty is Cancer. Any Illness under Cancer is easy to Heal. Come and read Testimonials with Photos of People and Pets who have been Cured of Cancer and all Illness that the Doctors gave up on, in "Distant Healing" Menu. It is all up to Spirit.... Those in hospitals, just have single Photo of one to be Healed during the Online Video Healing Session...

2/19/2001 Dear Master Toledo, The "Distant Healing' energy from Hawaii, seems working fine and continue doing the crown breathing.One of my colleague want to have the transmission also and will sent photo and the charge card number to you later today.The Meditation and crown breathing are fine except the symptoms you stated earlier are not felt. All the pain in the chest are no more and my body system back to normal. Do I need another "distant healing" transmission,please advise. Aum Shanti Maran, Malaysia

Lucy, Cat May 22,2013 Dear Master Toledo, I wanted to write you to thank you for working with my cat Lucy. When I first contacted you Lucy could barely walk due to a spinal injury. After a few "Distant Healing" sessions with you she was MUCH better, so much better that she began to JUMP up onto the bathroom countertop! Since she is an outdoor cat that HATES begin indoors she was going crazy being cooped up in the house and you told me that it would be okay to let her outside. It was wonderful to know that you could continue sending her healing energy while she was in her beloved outdoors. She is doing so much better now! God Bless You, Faith Chandler

Isabel, 3 years old Autism January 24, 2006 Master Philip Toledo has spear-headed "distant healing" for my 3 year old great granddaughter Isabel Duke who was diagnosed as having Autism by an extensive medical team under the Us Navy -her Father being a Naval Engineer and Officer (Pensacola). Her condition is steadily improving due to Master Toledo and his students. She has moved from being totally non-communicative to recognizing and saying the colors. This improvement is on an ongoing basis and is so deeply appreciated because it encourages her whole family that Isabel is curable and will be a completely viable adult. Irene Duke

Irene , 81years old , Blindness January 24, 2006 Master Philip Toledo has been in charge of "Distant Healing" helping me to improve my vision this past year. My eyes are improving beyond, the Doctors as well as my expectations especially now. I am gaining sight in my peripheral vision in my left eye, which means I can cope better on stairs. Overall I feel safer to move about and this helps me work and keep active. This is such an encouragement to me--to keep gaining and improving. Thank you Master Philip and Students, Irene Duke.

Louis's Story , Dog in Coma On November 26, 2006, I contacted Master Toledo regarding my dog Louis (as in Louis Vuitton handbags). Louis is one and one~half years old. Louis had started shaking, breathing fast, and having seizures the night before perhaps due to a toxic substance. The veterinarian told me that he was pessimistic about Louis's survival and that if by some miracle Louis did survive, Louis would have considerable brain damage and would have to be put to sleep anyway. After Master Toledo "connected" with Louis and conveyed healing energy, the Vet later told me that Louis suddenly stood up and started barking - he had been unconscious since the night before. I also found out that prior to the spiritual connection, Louis had what appeared to be no obvious vital signs. The seizures stopped from this time of the energy transfer. Intravenous fluids and medications were discontinued the next day. Louis was returned home to me with no medications, no restrictions, and no brain damage. The Vet and his staff were pretty excited about this "miraculous" recovery. I am forever grateful. Thank you Master Toledo! Sincerely, Jo Ann (Louis and Nikki too)

I went to "Mass Healing" at CenterPoint on Feb.13,2016. I am actually one of Master Toledo's Students and before I had lot of problems with my "Lower Back Pain" and my "Shoulders". And after the "Mass Healing" my Pain has gone from probably a 7 to down to a 2 or 1 in my Shoulder and my Lower Back.Some days I have no pain at all... Master Toledo is awesome and rocks :) If you haven't took his class,God you need to do this. Amy Piro

Testimonial: I went to Master Toledo Mass Healing at CenterPoint June 12,2007. Sinis has little to no drop. My High Blood Pressure is gone! Wilma Goodwill

4/17/08 I came to CenterPoint Mass healing for arthritis.I stopped taking my meds to prove that the healing worked and each day I found myself feeling better & better.I have not been on meds since the Mass healing and I am pain free.I also brought my Sister with me and she is no longer having back pain. Myrtee Bartee

Mass Healing at CenterPoint from Master Toledo Knee healing - June 12,2007 @ CenterPoint My knee has been bothering me for 7 years.The orthopedic Surgeon said it was very worn & arthritic.He recommended some physical therapy ,which gave some relief for a short period of time. For the most part,I have been in pain for 7 years with the knee.When climbing stairs,I would have to go up & down sideways one foot at a time( always leading with my other side).when the pain got bad,I took Aleve. I noticed a difference immediately after the June 12th healing.I had not even mentioned it to Master Toledo beforehand. After several days,the pain & swelling were gone. I can now walk normally - my feet get tired first. - not my knee. No more Aleve. I can go up & down stairs normally. The only explanation I have for this is the healing session from Master Toledo. Anonymous

John, Cancer It is with my deepest gratitude and respect that I write to you to thank you for your help and miraculous healing energies. As I write this I wish to tell other people of my experiences. I was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on September 28, 2004. At the time of diagnosis, my condition was severe, with renal failure beginning. The Dr.'s projected I would die within 2 -3 weeks without treatment. I began a regime of chemotherapy.It was at this time that I received my "distant healing" transmission from Philip. Being familiar with healing energies and energy work, I could definitely feel the effects during and after the "distant transmission", and have no doubts that without Philip's help I would not have been able to withstand the chemo treatments as easily. My immune system rebounded more quickly than any of the Dr.'s expected, and I was able to go home more than a week early. I was able to complete my treatments with half of the projected courses of chemotherapy and have remained in remission over 6 months. Thank you again, for all of your help to myself and others. John

Testimonial for 72 years old Hector Gonzales Cancer December 17,2007 My father Hector Gonzales who is 72 years old in Mexico ,was diagnosed with prostate cancer the beginning of this year and the doctor told me the cancer was very aggressive type of cancer and he could not operate or do chemotherapy or radiation (my father would not have resisted either of those treatments),therefore there was not much that could be done, we were devastated,,,was then that I met Master Toledo in Texas, on one of his workshops, I was so impressed with the energy that I experienced that day that I asked him to do Long "Distant Healing". He started the treatment (he explained to me that fathers body was going to expel the cancer cells and that he would see it, I called him and explained this to him, next day he called me and told me that it had happened), and a few sessions later my father was due for his regular blood work.. He went to get it done, and the results were extraordinary!!! The measurement system showed a result of 1.6 which is excellent!! is like his sickness had disappeared!!! ( in the past he had measured 34-36 points which is very high in Mexico) He also experienced an increase on his energy level and overall health!!! I don't have enough words to express how much Master Toledo has help my father ( and also myself) with his healing energy. Thank you Master Toledo for helping my father!! and the wonderful help you are giving to all the humanity! God bless you!!!! Sincerely Isabel Garcia

Master Toledo is a Certified Hypnotherapist,Tibetan Shaman,See'r, Qigong Master.