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" A Good Day is a Day You Walk Above the Ground "
is the Attitude of Master Toledo in Life !

Private Teachings

Master Toledo is Opening up our "Ancient Secret Teachings" of Tibet, and Wisdom of Qigong Art from "Wudang Sect" in China. We teach "The Truth"

Inner Self Center Institute, an Institute of Higher Learning, is Opening it's Doors and accepting New Members. Our "Members" have had many Blessing's and Favor's by practicing the Principles taught! Tibetan Master Toledo will give Members the Greater Opening and teach full Spectrum of the Ancient "Primitive Bon Po Sect" of Tibet that includes Healing yourself and others. You will also be able to Heal Pets. You will become a Shaman Healer capable of "Distant Healing", receive the Opening of the Third Eye and how to be a "See'r" or "Psychic", learn the "Tibetan secrets" used by the High Lamas in Tibet and learn how to "tap" into natural energies thru Qigong practice. Learn Tibetan Meditations to attain Enlightenment and Self Balance and how to develop your "Internal Power" to gain Spiritual and Material World goals. You will learn to work with all the energies of the Universe to better your Life! Energy's such as the "Violet Flame" and "Supernatural Energy's" will be Transferred to you thru Distant Transmission. Supernatural means "Open". Natural means, "Closed". We live in a Natural World. Supernatural overrides Natural.

Internal Kung Fu Meditations of Ancient China "WuDang Sect"

(Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon Movie "Wudang Sect") will be taught to develop "Inner Strength" and Kung Fu Chinese Pressure Point Healing, using Acupuncture Points of the Body to Heal yourself and others. Both "The Tao" and "Yin/Yang" Philosophy is studied and you will connect with your "Chi" or "Life Force" with this training! Master Toledo is a Certified Hypnotherapist ,who has Specialized in Pain relief, and Stress Reduction for terminally ill Cancer patients. You will be taught "Self Hypnosis" techniques to help your Self.

Master Toledo will Focus the Training on what You Wish to Learn of our Arts. This will be Specialized Training. One Skype Session every week, the same day and time will be set. This will be your Time every week.

A) Internet with Camera/Computer Training We will Video Chat in Real time using Gmail, Windows Live,and Skype. Get any of these Accounts Free on the Internet.

B) Telephone Training You pay for the minutes, by calling Master Toledo.

Email or Phone Master Toledo to set up Video Chat or if you have any Questions of our Private Teachings before you begin.

Thank you,
Master Toledo    Ph. 832.545.4084    Texas, USA

Private Teachings      $ 400 a month US Currency

Testimonial: Manifestation/visualization 2/23/16

I went to Master Toledo class on "Manifesting" and I Manifested how to tie my shoes because I did not know how. And then at school, I counted from 10 to 0 and got an A plus on my Math.

And then at my Carnival I Manifested to Win my "Crazy Cart" at my Carnival at School and I Won it :)

And my name is Joey Piro (11 years old)


Even though the vet did not give much hope for Jass, my little Shi tau, you worked with him and he started eating again and got better. Thank you so much.

Judy Roe

Master Philip Toledo is a miracle worker and excellent pet healer. I would recommend him to Everyone !

Sherri Fuller

Teddy Bear is overweight and has a thyroid problem. At the Pet Healing Master Philip Toledo worked on his tumors, thyroid and weight. Teddy Bear has lost 6 lbs and is looking good. The biggest surprise is his tumors! The one on the left side has lost about 25% of its size, the tumor on his chest has also shrunk about 25%. Teddy Bear also has a lot of energy now. it is amazing to see him enjoy life again.

Karon Tracy

My cat, Hope had a bad dislocated hip, actually both hips were involved. Since Master Toledo worked on her, Hope has had no problems. Her Doctors appointment and X-rays will be shared with Master Toledo. Hope runs, jumps, etc. like nothing was ever wrong. Baby ,my Dog loves Master Toledo since he helped her. Baby has changed dramatically. It's a Miracle!

Ann Bandy

I had taken my cat, Poco, to the Vet because she stopped eating and drinking. After tests, the Vet said she had Kidney Failure and was de-hydrated. The Vet gave fluids and said I would probably have to continue with fluid injections every day. Master Toledo worked on Poco and determined her "Chi" was blocked in her Kidneys, causing the problem. By the third time Master Toledo worked on Poco, her Kidneys were clear and she has not been back to the Vet since her initial visit. Poco is doing fine now.

Ann Graf

Mass Healing at CenterPoint from Master Toledo

Mass Healing 3/5/16

My immune system has been stimulated. I have had high healing fever at night. I am more clear mentally. I have been passing parasites. I have been experiencing almost twice the amount of bowel movements.

I'm beginning to recognize myself more in the mirror. I've been ill for so long I didn't even look like myself. I feel stronger. Yeah!

Oh and I have been healing faster (I have a cut and a bruise)


Testimonial : Mass Healing 2/23/16

I went to "Mass Healing" at CenterPoint on Feb.13,2016.

I am actually one of Master Toledo's Students and before I had lot of problems with my "Lower Back Pain" and my "Shoulders". After the "Mass Healing" my Pain has gone from probably a 7 to down to a 2 or 1 in my Shoulder and my Lower Back. Some days I have no pain at all... Master Toledo is awesome and rocks :) If you haven't took his class, God you need to do this.

Amy Piro

Testimonial : Mass Healing 4/17/08

I came to CenterPoint Mass healing for arthritis. I stopped taking my meds to prove that the healing worked and each day I found myself feeling better & better. I have not been on meds since the Mass healing and I am pain free. I also brought my Sister with me and she is no longer having back pain.

Myrtee Bartee

Testimonial : Mass Healing June 12,2007

I went to Master Toledo Mass Healing at CenterPoint June 12,2007. I was Completely Healed of my Hemorrhoids; Sinus has little to no drop. My High Blood Pressure is gone!

Wilma Goodwill

Knee healing - June 12,2007 @ CenterPoint

My knee has been bothering me for 7 years. The orthopedic Surgeon said it was very worn & arthritic. He recommended some physical therapy ,which gave some relief for a short period of time. For the most part, I have been in pain for 7 years with the knee. When climbing stairs, I would have to go up & down sideways one foot at a time( always leading with my other side).when the pain got bad, I took Aleve. I noticed a difference immediately after the June 12th healing. I had not even mentioned it to Master Toledo beforehand.

After several days, the pain & swelling were gone. I can now walk normally - my feet get tired first. - not my knee. No more Aleve. I can go up & down stairs normally. The only explanation I have for this is the healing session from Master Toledo.