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I, Master Toledo, have Cured 9 Trich Clients. Believe me, there is a Cure for Trich. And it is not a DNA Root problem. The Root problem of your pulling stems from " Trauma Crises " at a very young age. You are full of steam, pressure from these Situations you grew up in, you could not Control and pulling relieves the Pressure. It gives you a sense of Freedom and than becomes Habit...

Every Trich Client has a different Root problem. The Hypnotic Therapy I use is a Search and Find Rescue Mission to isolate the " Root " of why you pull so you can see and Realize this for Yourself (even if you might know why you pull).

You Realize this in a Subconscious State of Mind using Hypnosis. This is the Key of the Therapy always working in the Deepest part of the Subconscious Mind. We together find the Epicenter of the Earthquake (what is shaking you up to pull) and address this. Once this is found, the Frequency of you pulling is less because now you know " Why " you pull in the Deepest part of your Mind.

There are Aftershocks after the first Voice Session that are Emotional Issues and Reflex/Habit actions that need to be addressed because of Years of pulling. The minimum amount of Voice Sessions for a Cure is 3 Sessions. The average amount of Voice Sessions is 10 because of the Aftershocks. The amount of Sessions for each Client depends on the Emotions Issues to be addressed.

There is Hope for You! Invest in Yourself in our Therapy, as it is time tested and works! You spend money for Vacation to enjoy your Life once a Year. Invest in Yourself for a Lifetime of "Inner Peace"!

The Therapy is by Phone. You only need Voice and Ear for Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy. I have been into Hypnosis for 42 Years. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1995.

Please email Master Toledo at if any questions.

Master Toledo
Ph. 832.545.4084 Texas, USA

$260 per Voice Session by phone or Skype

Trich Therapy CD NEW!

This Therapy is designed to give you "Trigger Words" to use daily to stop the "Urge" to pull when you go into the Zone. You will be Programming Yourself using these words to bring you a sense of "Peace" within, and also to stop the "Reflex Action" of pulling! Research Universities have Proven, that by using Hypnosis, you can stop "All Pain" in the Mother during Childbirth. That shows you how Powerful Hypnosis is in the Medical Field. Your "Trigger Words" will stop the "Urge" to pull, the same as "No Pain" during Childbirth. It works, because this is the same Therapy I use with my Private Clients! I want to help those who are not into Private Sessions, so I created this Therapy for you. This CD is worth 100 times its value. The "Energy Hypnosis" will bring you the "Clarity of Thought" of what could be the Reason why you pull. The Past causes your Future behaviors. To change the Future you must face your Past, and when you do, your Behavior changes. I will help you and support you in this CD, so you are not Alone in our Therapy. You may ask, how is this possible with a CD? Anything is possible " If You Believe ".    $90


I am a 42 year old Mom with two boys. I started talking to Master Toledo in June of 2011 about my Trich. During the time I was working with Master Toledo my oldest son Ryan, who is 7 and has Sensory Processing Disorders, started picking at the side of his feet. I noticed he would do this at various times throughout the day. He would even take his socks and shoes off so that he could access the area better. His picking started to cause his skin to become very rough and callused. I had mentioned it to Master Toledo during one of my sessions and he asked me to let him talk to Ryan. I was hesitate at first since he was just 7 and I was afraid he would not stay focused long enough for Master Toledo to help find the root of his picking. I thought about it and talked to my husband and we agreed since he had been able to help me so much that we would let him talk to Ryan. Before Ryanís first session I wanted to prepare him so he knew what to expect. I told him that Mommy had a friend that could help him stop his picking. Since Ryan had already expressed to me that he wanted to stop but couldnít he was very receptive to the idea. We set up the first meeting through Skype so Ryan and Master Toledo could both see each other. I set right beside Ryan the whole time and listened to what was said. Master Toledo was very good with Ryan and found out what he was interested in and used that to help Ryan become comfortable with him. After the first session Ryan felt comfortable enough with Master Toledo that he did not want me in the room with him while they talked. Master Toledo was able to find the root of Ryanís picking by the second session and only a few more after that were needed. Ryan stopped picking shortly after that and has not picked his feet since.

Thanks so much Master Toledo,

R's testimonial

January 10, 2012

Iíve been pulling out my eyelashes and eyebrows for more than 20years. I started when I was 5 years old. My parents at the time were going through a difficult time in their marriage and there was a lot of yelling and fighting in the house. I think I began pulling as a coping/soothing strategy as I felt scared and alone. My parents had no understanding or sympathy towards me and my pulling. They would threaten and shame me as an attempt to get me to stop.

I have tried everything to stop pulling; from sticker charts and wearing gloves as a child to seeing psychologists and therapists and applying their strategies as an adult. Nothing seemed to work for very long - if at all.

When I found Master Toledo, I told myself that this would be my last attempt at healing and if it did not work I would give up trying to heal and learn to live with Trichotillomania.

I am so grateful that I have found Master Toledo. His method for healing and curing Trich really works. The tools he has taught me allows me to resist the urge to pull more then 90% of the time. The other 10% I am confident will come in the near future. He addresses the root cause of the trauma - His method its not a bandaid solution, unlike other methods I have tried.

I am much more confident, self assured and able to do what is best for myself as a result of working with Master Toledo.

I am writing this in the hope that more people can use this method to be free from Trich. I know how painful, frustrating and lonely Trich is. I want you to be free from it like me!

Thank you Master Toledo.

Success and freedom.

I've had trich since I was a little girl. Around 10 or 11. I don't remember most of my memories because my childhood was painful. I suffered from various forms of abuse growing up and my escape was pulling. I pulled my hair sometimes for hours; I would be in a trance like state. As I grew up, I worked hard. School, and eventually work success was my ticket out. I escaped the abuse, but i couldn't escape from myself. I continued to pull into adulthood. When I found Master Toledo, I was skeptical. Being an engineer, I didn't see how remote voice sessions could really help. But he was very thorough and listened with an empathetic ear. His voice sessions were calming and I always felt very relaxed afterwards. The voice sessions, combined with distant healing gave me the boost I need to address some significant wounds from the past. It was from then on, that i found the pulling became a lot less to the point where I almost pull free. He has given me tools to help me get through the urges and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Master Toledo for helping me use my own success to finding freedom from this condition!

- sc.


February 27, 2011

My Testimonial

I've had Trichotillomania since I was about 6 years old. For 38 long years, I've pulled my eyelashes and eyebrows. I had to go through school being teased and never admitting that I pulled. The only people that knew were my Mom and Dad. My Dad didn't understand my problem. The first time he saw me after I had pulled every last eyelash, I remember him saying he didn't want me to go to McDonald's with them because he said I looked like a freak. I did look like a freak but it hurt. I've lived my life as a "freak" ever since that day.

As I grew up, I studied magazines and watched how makeup was applied. My mother never wore makeup so I had to learn on my own a way to disguise this condition. I was allowed to start wearing makeup as a teenager and ever since I was 13 years old, no one. I do mean no one, ever saw me without makeup. I've been married and divorced four times and no husband ever knew of my condition or saw me without makeup. My parents never saw me without makeup after 13. My children never saw me without makeup. My biggest fear was that they would have seen that I pulled my lashes and they would follow. I monitored them, even as babies, making sure their hands never went near their eyes. It's not genetic - at least not in my circumstance. My mother did pull as a child but I truly believe this is a trauma/stress induced condition.

I've spent so much money over the years on false eyelashes, makeup, therapy, counseling, hypnosis, medication and nothing has helped my condition. In December of 2010, I was searching on the internet and came across a testimonial about a lady who worked with Master Toledo. I read about him for several weeks before getting the courage to email him. I began working with Master Toledo on January 19th, 2011 and I have not pulled my eyelashes or eyebrows since. I have a calendar and mark each excited to reach 7 days of no pulling..then 20 days.then 40. I've NEVER been able to do this with help or alone. Stress seems to induce the pulling and trust me, my stress has not stopped in my life. Through this process I had to put my dog to sleep who was like a child to me. I survived and did not pull. My daughter, whose father is deceased, has been making poor decisions in life and I had to tell her she could no longer live with me. So painful as a Mom but it was necessary for her to learn a life lesson. We will always have stress in our lives but Master Toledo teaches you how to handle the stress. He teaches you how to manage the stress in your life and fully explains the steps. He helps you get your life to a point where he explains that you are in the eye of the storm - the calm part - and all around you is the chaos and hurricanes. He uses energy transmissions through his process of sessions with you over the phone. He will also ask for a photo of you to do the energy transmissions. I was skeptical at first but what did I have to lose? I attempted every other possible form of therapy known to man and it did not work. It was worth the risk.

I'm looking forward to spending a summer on the beach and not worrying about makeup for the first time in 38 years! It has always taken me two hours to get ready for anything.the makeup.the false eyelashes.and I will approach this summer as a new person. I'm so excited about life for the first time ever. I have gone from being able to count the minuscule eyelashes to not being able to count them because they are growing back. I've also chosen to take photos (for myself) so I can look at the progress of where I was and where I am now. I typically take photos every 10 days. My new struggle is trying to line up the false eyelashes with my real lashes. Soon, I won't need to do this ?

Master Toledo was able to take me to a deep, relaxation and find the root of my fears and what triggered my pulling. I listen to his relaxation CD several times each night and every morning. This is available on his website. It's incredible. It's filled with energy transmissions and it works. I cannot fully explain how it works, but I know that I stand here today to tell you that I am not pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows. I look forward to life now..challenges and all. I'm equipped to handle them.

Also, I am a Christian so for people who fear that this is just a form of hypnosis or something that's not biblical, I encourage you to speak with Master Toledo before making a decision. He believes in our creator and does not diminish our God's power and strength. He works to bring you closer to the creator.

The website to research and reach Master Toledo is and I truly recommend him to anyone who struggles with trich. It has not only helped me with trich but has helped me with inner peace, self worth and how to have a quality life. I'm happy for the first time in my life. I feel self worth and confident for the first time in my life. I cannot stress enough the positive impact this has had in my daily living. My family doctor said she can see my personal growth and that I am finally grounded, my coworkers say that I seem different and so much happier to them, my friends see the difference in my life and the smile on my face.


Cindy's Update

Approaching month 8 of being cured thanks to the guidance and healings of Master Toledo. I personally wanted to do an update because I cannot emphasize enough that the remote healings and the guidance and philosophy on how to live your life with inner peace really do work. I am so happy... deep, deep inside. I tried every other cure for Trich... I spent thousands of dollars on therapy and other ways to hide this horrible beast... and this was the ONLY thing that has truly worked for me. It is an investment in my life. I no longer have Trich but I have happiness, inner peace, and the power to face the next obstacles that life hands me. I don't need medication, constant therapy or help looking for the triggers any more. I'm in control and learned how to do this through the teachings and healing power of Master Toledo. It took a few months of working with Master Toledo and I'm doing all of this on my own now. It is my desire and hope that if you are experiencing helplessness, hopelessness and defeat from this monster called Trich, that you contact Master Toledo. He has been there as a resource and support whenever I needed advice or reassurance that I was still in control. If I felt that I was losing my "balance", he helped me refocus. It's NOT about the money. Master Toledo isn't an attorney and doesn't charge you for each phone call and email. He is a genuine, caring person that shares his healing powers and truly wants to help you. My family physician is amazed. I give you my word that this really works and it is my hope that if you are struggling with Trich that you reach out to Master Toledo. I have had the best summer in my life...the beach...the wind...rain...hats...sunglasses... makeup...NORMAL!!!! I wish this for you and want you to know that it's possible. You can do this too and I hope to see your testimonial here one day!!!!! I wish I had known of this 20, 25 even 35 years ago. Call it a it whatever you like...but this works in your life as a whole. You will gain so much healing, peace and balance in all aspects of your life. People who have known you for years will see the change in your life and the happiness around you.


Facial Pain

Self-portrait by Pauletta M Chanco 6/25/97

I have been suffering from Chronic pain for the past twenty years. It was so severe and excruciating it felt like the left side of my face was tearing apart piece by piece. I tried all the remedies and treatments I would hear about and could find. I even had a brain operation at the U.C. Hospital here in San Francisco with a prominent brain surgeon. It did not work. I did acupuncture for years, bio feedback, hypnosis, meditations, yoga and other treatment exercises, massages and even the moving of my spine slowly by a spine Doctor. You name it,I did it. I even took pain killers ,heavy drugs,and still nothing worked. Until I met Master Toledo, And with his CDs, his Hypnosis,and his Meditations,helped me though my pain, fears of it and the loneliness. It was so horrible . And I now know it was due to all the Stress in my Life! And finally taking care of my Husband watching him dying before my eyes for the the past eight years made the pain even more uncomfortable and Philip's CDs and his Meditations was truly a Miracle and I am eternally grateful to him. His Stress Reduction Treatment CD saved my Life!

Sincerely, Pauletta M Chanco 6/25/97