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Testimonial HYPNOTISM

SEPT. 2018

The last two years I have had a problem being wound tighter than a ball of rubber bands ready to snap. For no reason at all I would lash out at people that I cared about at work and at home.

I would feel very bad afterwards and just did not know what to do about it. I did not want to medicate myself so I sought help with Master Toledo. He listened to what I had to say and thought by hypnotism he could get to the root of my problem.

Sure enough he helped me. He showed me that I could take myself out of the equation and watch myself. I saw that I thought I had to control every situation because years before my life was so messed I needed to control everything and everyone so it would be a perfect world on the outside.

I am so grateful to Master Toledo since my session I have been a different person. I am more relaxed at work and home and I don't let the little things bug me anymore.

Thank you so much Master Toledo


Hypnosis is an Art that helps you tap into your " Subconscious Mind " using different Methods of Hypnosis.

Your " Conscious Mind " is like the top of an Iceberg in the Ocean. The bottom of the Iceberg below the water line is bigger than the top and represents the " Subconscious Mind ".

The reason a person acts certain way in Life being it Positive or Negative, is because of a Situation of Experience that has happened to the person in the past. It is like programming a computer. A person is programmed by Life's Experiences.

The " Subconscious Mind " stores all the Events of Life. Some Events you remember, some events you don't. If you have a Trauma Crises situation, one tends to hide the Thought from Memory for Survivals sake.

If you wish to change a certain Behavior in the Future, you must " Face the Past ". Your Behaviors in the Present are a result of your Past Life Experiences or Programming. Hypnosis helps you to reprogram your Thoughts in the " Subconscious Mind ". Taking a Negative behavior and changing it to a Positive Outlook...

Hypnotism brings you into your " Subconscious Mind " and you can Search and Find the " Root Cause " or Life Experience that has affected your behavior that you would like to change or delete. In the " Subconscious Realm " a person can handle a Traumatic experience calmly.

I started my Journey of Hypnosis in College in 1967. I preformed Stage Hypnosis at College parties. In 1972, I studied the " Art of Self Hypnosis " involving 10 Sessions of Study from our State Hypnotist. (The Governor of Hawaii deemed him the Title). He was a Doctor/PHD and a Certified Hypnotherapist. In 1995, I graduated as a " Certified Hypnotherapist " by the same Doctor/PHD who taught me the " Art of Self Hypnosis " in 1972.

Where is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is the Twilight before Sleep. You are between Awake and Sleep at the same time. Just as your chin is help up by your hand as you are really tired, and when you fall asleep, in a split second, you catch yourself and become awake. That split second is where Hypnosis is. This is your Subconscious Mind level. There are 10 Levels of the Subconscious Mind.

When you Program your " Subconscious Mind ", your change your Behavior if Life. It is that Simple...

The Medical field in America has Proven Hypnosis works in the application of "Quit Smoking Cigarettes". Dr. Oz on T.V. also verified this. Smoking Cessation Programs, Quit Nicotine Programs, Nicotine pills, Nicotine patches, can cause side effects to your Body. Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking, there are no side effects.

Smoking Cessation Programs, Quit Nicotine Programs, Nicotine pills, Nicotine patches, Quit Smoking Cigarettes Programs, all of these will be conquered by Hypnosis.

I, Master Toledo smoked cigarettes for years. I started when it was 45 cents a pack. The year before I Quit Smoking, I smoked over 2 packs a day. For Medical reasons, I decided to Quit Smoking and Hypnotized myself. It Worked!

Any Habit you have is because your Mind, and Body have a "Desire" for your Habit. Candy, Drugs, Nicotine would be your Habit. Take away your " Desire " for Nicotine from the Mind and Body using Hypnosis, and then you don't need a Cigarette. This is the Process of Hypnosis I used to help me Quit Smoking. It worked. It has been over 20 years now I have not had Cigarette. I am glad now I quit because in America you pay over $5 for a pack of Cigarettes. When you quit, you will have lots of extra money ? ☺

I am a Qigong Master and have Created my own Style of Qigong Hypnotherapy (Energy Hypnosis). I can Transfer the Energy of the Universe thru my Voice that is Impressed in the CD's we offer in our Web Site for the most Powerful Results for: Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Weight Loss, Insomnia, Stress Reduction, Self Growth, Ascension Breathing, Open the Seven Charkas, Learn Self Hypnosis, and my Qigong Hypnotherapy Practice.

In my Qigong Hypnotherapy Practice you just need a Telephone and make the " Commitment " to listen to my Voice in our Hypnosis Session. We find the " Root of the Problem Together " as I am a Guide to help you see Yourself above your Thoughts to change your Perception. Change your Perception, change your Reality!

Email or Phone before we set up our Appointment in your Time Zone. I can answer any questions and get the Data I need for our first Session.

Thank you.
Master Toledo
Ph. 832.545.4084 Houston, Texas, USA

$260 per Voice Session by phone or Skype