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Facial Pain

Self-portrait by Pauletta M Chanco 6/25/97

I have been suffering from Chronic pain for the past twenty years. It was so severe and excruciating it felt like the left side of my face was tearing apart piece by piece. I tried all the remedies and treatments I would hear about and could find. I even had a brain operation at the U.C. Hospital here in San Francisco with a prominent brain surgeon. It did not work. I did acupuncture for years, bio feedback, hypnosis, meditations, yoga and other treatment exercises, massages and even the moving of my spine slowly by a spine Doctor. You name it,I did it. I even took pain killers ,heavy drugs,and still nothing worked. Until I met Master Toledo, And with his CDs, his Hypnosis,and his Meditations,helped me though my pain, fears of it and the loneliness. It was so horrible . And I now know it was due to all the Stress in my Life! And finally taking care of my Husband watching him dying before my eyes for the the past eight years made the pain even more uncomfortable and Philip's CDs and his Meditations was truly a Miracle and I am eternally grateful to him. His Stress Reduction Treatment CD saved my Life!

Sincerely, Pauletta M Chanco 6/25/97

Stopped Bleeding

My Husband died of a long 10 yr. illness and during his last year of his Life he started throwing up blood and one night it wouldn’t stop. All the Doctors and Nurses kept changing the towels after towels on his chest till I told all to leave the room. I turned on the Stress Reduction Treatment CD and my Husband calmed down as I told him to relax and listen. He did and the bleeding stopped. And he fell asleep and slept for four hours. and woke up feeling better and no more blood. He lived for another 6 months. For me I have been using that same CD on myself for years. I’ve tried many other meditation tapes and not any of them work as well for me as Master Toledo’s Stress Reduction Treatment CD. I have had this horrible facial pain on left side of my face and goes into panic,such horrible excruciating spasms and only Master Toledo’s CD calms the Spasms down. I get these pains and anxiety attacks every time is when I get into stress.

Pauletta M Chanco 5/31/01

Inner Peace

The Stress Reduction Treatment CD has made me feel better from the inside-out. I have an inner calm and balance. With a clear mind and rested body daily activity and decisions are easier. Living is easer! My Body is at Peace with my Mind.

Mercy Kester 5/21/97


When Philip called me,it made me remember the past when I couldn’t sleep at night. Now I sleep so well that I have to say Thank you for that Wonderful CD. Sometimes when I am under a lot of stress I would listen to the Stress Reduction Treatment CD again instead of taking a sleeping pill because it works fantastically.

Sylvia 1997

I Master Toledo highly recommend every person on earth to reduce Stress in their Life!

Eighteen years ago there was an International Summit Meeting at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Hawaii. The DNA Research Scientist of over 60 Nations were involved to analyze the Data from each Nations finding of the last 10 years of DNA Research. I spoke to a Doctor PHD, and he told me the most Important Conclusion agreed by all the Nations involved was that " Stress " is the Root of Cancer! It causes the cancer cell that is dormant in every Human Being born to become activated by the overexposure to Stress! He also told me because of the red tape involved it will be in the Medical Journals 20 years from now…what a shame …

In USA the Medical Doctors claim that Stress causes Heart Attacks, Stress causes Ulcers, so why not Cancer? Compounded Stress equals Anxiety. We need to Control Stress to Control Anxiety! Stress Reduction is Stress Control; therefore releasing Anxiety will stop the Cancer cell from being activated in the body.

If a person has cancer Level 1 to 4, any "Stress " will activate the cancer cells to grow much more rapidly, so to rid oneself of Stress is Priority Red!

You need to have Stress Release, thus this will stop Anxiety therefore stopping Stress. To reduce Stress is the first step in reducing Anxiety if you are over the Edge! Overexposure to Stress causes Headaches, Backaches, Pains on the side of head, Sleeping problems, No focus, Ulcers, Heart Attacks, and Cancer.

Let me rephrase this: Cancer is caused by Stress, Heart Attacks are caused by Stress, Ulcers are caused by Stress, Headaches are caused by Stress, and Pains on side of Temple of Head are caused by Stress. Anxiety is another name of overexposure to Stress or Compounded Stress. A situation happens, you get Stress out or you worry about something, and get Stress out. The next day you feel normal, but that Static electricity of Stress is still stuck on your Being somewhere in or on your Body! Everyone has a special place their Stress accumulates. The Doctors cannot find what your Medical Problem is after 8 months of testing because the Blood test and Machine test cannot detect Stress.

I feel Stress in the Root of the Majority of Illness…

Reduce Stress; Stress Reduction results in Good Health! It is that Simple!

Get rid of the "Root" (Stress) of the Medical problem, and all your Illness Symptoms go away. I have proven this with my Clients of the Past. It is time tested and your Health will come back!

So Stress Reduction will stop the Cancer cell from being activated in your Body. Or if you have cancer, Stress Reduction will slow down the rapid growth of cancer cells … Stress Reduction will result in Headache Cures, stopping Headaches, Curing Headaches, Stopping Heart Attacks, Ulcer Cures, Insomnia Cures, Temple Headache Cures, Insomnia Cures, and many Symptoms you have that the Doctors can not find the Root of the problem.

If you feel you are in the Danger Zone of Compounded Stress, or Overexposure to Stress, and would like your Stress Level to Release and fall back into the Safe Level, I can help you with a Personal " Stress Reduction " Session via Phone or Video Skype, Video Gmail, Video Messenger Live.

If you have any questions, just email or call me. Once the Session fee is placed in our Web Site, I will Contact you for our Appointment.

Thank you.
Master Toledo
Ph. 832.545.4084 Houston, Texas, USA

$260 per Hypnotherapy Session